The details

Who We Are:

Black Rich Listings is the #1 Black Owned Business Directory. We know what you’re thinking… “But how when you’re a new business?” Nothing wrong with speaking it into existence especially when we know that we will be but we can not do it alone. We need Black Owned Business Owners like yourself to register their business with us in order to make it happen.


People have been searching for Black Owned businesses to patronize more now than ever and we want to make it easier for the consumers to find your business. So whether you are a Candle maker, Doctor, Mobile App Designer, Virtual Assistant, Lawyer, Fashion Designer or other, please feel free to register your business with us.


Our goal is to have 1 MILLION Black Owned Businesses registered with us which would make Black Rich Listings the #1 Black Owned Business Directory like we were telling you before. There goes that manifestation going again!  

Why Register With Us:

Black Rich Listings is really passionate about seeing the success of Black businesses and for that reason we want to support you in more ways than just adding your business to our directory. We plan on pouring back into Black businesses who registered with us by;

• Doing Business Grant Giveaways
• Free Business Classes
• Business Networking Events
• Business Retreats
And more...  

Black businesses have the least amount of support and mentorship and we want to change that one business at a time. 

Thank You: 

Thank you for taking the time out to get to know us. We look forward to having you make history with us. So go Get Listed. The form to register is waiting for you.